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Channel Maven Partner Prospecting Guides™

“Vendors who invest in tools like prospecting guides for their channel partners move beyond simple product training to make their partner sales teams better and create true competitive advantage”

-- Jeff Hine, Clear Sight Consulting

Take your partners sales to the next level

The right sales training and enablement is critical for success in your partners’ sales campaigns. Successful solution providers differentiate themselves not only through technical talent, but also by hiring, training, and compensating highly skilled sales teams. This means spending time and money bringing new sales people up to speed and keeping existing sales people sharp. Partner sales teams must understand the latest technology trends and challenges that shape their customers decision making. Channel Maven Consulting’s Partner Prospecting Guides can help take your partners sales to the next level.


The Prospecting Challenge

Whether by phone, at a conference, in an elevator, or by email, sales people have precious few minutes to connect with and build credibility with a new prospect. Often – a thoughtfully worded question or observation is the difference between getting a meeting and joining the pile of discarded business cards. This means sales teams must understand the market dynamics surrounding technology solutions as well as understand how those dynamics impact a customers business and the unique challenges they face. Today’s sales people must be problem solvers for their clients – so the knowledge of how to solve those problems is paramount.

While much time is spent in training sessions and taking online sales and technical certification, not enough time is spent distilling knowledge and tactics into a summarized useful format, which sales people can use while on the phone or in prepping for sales calls.

What are Partner Prospecting Guides?

A Channel Maven Consulting Partner Prospecting Guide is a 4 to 6 page kit that provides everything a sales person needs to effectively prospect and prep for sales calls. Each guide is customized by topics such as cloud based backup or desktop virtualization and includes:

• Market Overview
• Technology Overview
• Customer Needs and Challenges
• Qualifying/Scoping Questions
• Solution Description
• Tele-Prospecting Script
• Prospecting Email Template

Channel Maven Consulting works directly with the solution provider to create and customize the guide to your partners messaging and strengths and/or targeted sales campaigns where appropriate. Partner Prospecting Guides can be used by existing sales people who need to become familiar with a new solution area or by new sales people coming up to speed and prospecting a new territory.

Channel Maven Content Factory™

"A marketing plan without content is like baking a cake without the flour. Content is the single most important ingredient in any marketing plan and the key to attracting and retaining your customers."

-- Alex Krasne

Content marketing to fit your channel needs

Conferences.  Speaking Engagements. Strategy Sessions.  Strategic Sales Support.  These are the things that keep your top product people out of the office chasing revenue and NOT creating content. Whether its lack of time or challenges with the creative process, content creation is never the priority it needs to be to support effective marketing campaigns. Channel Maven Consulting’s team of marketing and technology subject matter experts can help you develop high-impact content as a one-off or in regular cadence to support your overall marketing and social media efforts.


Content Plan

Content Factory provides both tactical and strategic support for marketing campaigns and overall content creation strategy.  Through a discovery and workshop process, we work with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to define current asset inventory (sales tools, collateral, white papers etc.) and develop a gap and refresh plan for key content elements.   In addition we’ll align specific content creation activities to your existing marketing plans and campaigns.

Creating the Right Content

Subject matter and marketing experts are engaged to weave messaging into existing content or new content. Subject matter experts are not only accomplished writers, but also have specific backgrounds in topics such as cloud computing, virtualization, data protection, storage and other technology disciplines which truly extend the reach of your technology thought leadership. Content can include but is not limited to:

• Targeted Blogging
• White Paper Development
• Development of Training Materials
• Expert Webinars
• “Channelization” of Existing Assets
• Trade Publication Articles
• Press Releases
• Internal/External Newsletters
• eBooks

With a team whose background includes product marketing, industry research and analysis, channel management and technology sales, Channel Maven Consulting’s Content Factory can truly be an extension of your product team creating high-impact content for both channel partners and end-users so you can focus on revenue generation.

For additional information please contact Heather K. Margolis at Heather (at), or at (617) 286-2817.

Campaigns In-a-Box DOWNLOAD PDF

"Campaigns In-a-Box provided our partners with the strategic solution messaging and tactical marketing resources they need to drive demand. All of this and no where near traditional agency pricing."

-- Chris Burns, CA Technologies

Your solutions partnerized

Corporate marketing might produce great content for direct sales and marketing, but does your channel really want to use that messaging and branding? Channel Maven’s Campaigns-In-A-Box make it easy for your partners to launch cohesive event promotions and marketing campaigns with your solutions’ value-proposition as their centerpiece.


Whether it’s an event invite, email campaign, eBook or banner ad, our Campaigns-In-a-Box provide partners with easily customizable, professional marketing resources that incorporate their value proposition.

By assembling all the materials needed to promote an event or email campaign, you enable your partners to do their own lead generation around your solutions without taxing your field marketing teams.

Social Media Rally Station™ DOWNLOAD PDF

"Having the Channel Maven team at our partner summit was a great benefit to our partners. They received valuable social media tips/tricks and had the opportunity to participate in 1:1 website reviews/consultation sessions with a Channel Maven expert."

-- Liz McCann, QuickBase Solution Provider Program, Intuit

Train, engage, and invigorate your partners marketing at your next partner summit

Introducing the Social Media Rally Station. What is it? The Social Media Rally station is a booth set up within your summit expo armed with professional photographers and multiple marketing consultants. It is aimed at helping your partners optimize their online presence. Partners start by getting an overall evaluation of where they stand online. Using our face-to-face stops, Channel Maven advisors set them up with photos and videos for their platform profiles and walk them through how to best format and use social platforms to get their solutions, and yours, out to a broader market.

Program Development

"Their deep knowledge of the channel is apparent in every aspect of our engagements. Channel Maven's attention to detail, customer service and willingness to go above & beyond is truly appreciated."

-- Toni Clayton-Hine, CA Technologies

Develop effective programs and strategies that attract and retain your ideal solution providers.

We design customized channel programs based on each client’s business model, company culture, and overall strategy. Building upon these strategies we help analyze and execute the requirements and benefits of your program, develop sales and marketing programs that keep your products and services top-of-mind with partners, and communicate directly with your channel community, analysts, and customers.


Today it is harder than ever to get the attention of your solution providers and even more difficult to gain the mindshare of your customers. Channel Maven Consulting will help you do just that by developing programs including:

  • - Certification Requirements and Benefits
  • - Incentive Programs
  • - Field Marketing
  • - Co-Marketing
  • - Social Media Outreach
  • - Alliance Development


Contact us today for a complimentary program assessment at Info (at)

One-2-One Marketing Support DOWNLOAD PDF

"Our partners are more engaged and doing measurable demand generation…the marketing guidance that the Channel Maven team has provided our partners is priceless."

-- Tracy Staniland, Asigra

Teaching your partners to fish

The right mix of marketing planning and tactics are imperative to provide partners with the qualified leads that drive your joint success. At Channel Maven Consulting we work One-2-One with your partners to develop a plan and execute on tactics to help them reach their goals.

Whether it’s developing a strategic roadmap, improving an online presence, or helping execute against a marketing plan, the Channel Maven team acts as an internal marketing resource for your partners. This one-to-one support is not just customized for your partners, it’s marketing generated based on the unique DNA of your individual partners.

Social Media Programs DOWNLOAD PDF

"Channel Maven Consulting provided my team great strategic and tactical support during the execution of multiple social media initiatives.”

-- Chad Thompson
Director of Worldwide Marketing, Logitech

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, SEO/SEM, what does it all mean for the channel?

Whether you seek an overall social media strategy for marketing to your channel, or need programs and training to enable your solution providers to leverage these tools to find customers themselves, Channel Maven Consulting develops custom, hands-on programs using social media and new media tactics.


Channel Maven Consulting has multiple social media programs including:

“To” Partner Programs

Channel Maven works with your team to develop a custom communications strategy incorporating social media tools and tactics. You can dramatically improve online communication to your partners using our:

  • - Custom communication strategies for each social media vehicle (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • - Proprietary social media community development
  • - Competitive analysis of social media usage and best practices


“Through” Partner Programs

Social media tactics can exponentially increase the reach of joint messaging and enable your partners to increase revenues without large resource additions. With all of the information available about social media today, your partners need your help cutting through the noise. Channel Maven builds upon proven channel program experience to develop a custom solution for your partners and field marketing team. Programs include:

  • - Social Media workshop including hands-on learning and feedback
  • - Guides and webinars customized for your company
  • - 1:1 marketing consulting to partners through Marketing Development Funds (MDF)
  • - Face-to-face workshops including assignments and feedback to truly ramp-up partners



Today’s content needs to be more compelling than ever as more companies use social media tactics to attract prospective customers. It’s critical that you create great content to educate, inform, and share with your partners.

Channel Maven Consulting will develop the right content and message in several formats including:

  • - eBooks
  • - Webinars
  • - Newsletters
  • - Blog
  • - Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms
  • - Video


Social media tactics evolve constantly. Channel Maven Consulting customizes each deliverable specifically for you and your partners at the time of engagement. For more information please contact us at Info (at) or you can contact our President and Founder, Heather K. Margolis at Heather (at)

Workshops and Speaking DOWNLOAD PDF

"Channel Maven recently developed and executed a flawless series of workshops for our Solution Providers…their expertise and experience in channels and social media are a great resource for both channel programs (vendors) and Solution Providers."

-- Barbara McFadden, AT&T

Build stronger relationships with your partners and help them drive more revenue through the channel with these in-person or virtual workshops.

We all know social media and online engagement play a role in your channel development and marketing. Putting that into practice however can be a little more complicated. What better way to get your entire team or your entire channel more productive then to hand them the custom tools they need? Our workshops are customized to your goals and resources and work with your internal team, directly with your partners, or both.


Two examples of workshops we’ve hosted include:

Making Your Programs Social

Sure you have certifications, specializations, and incentives; but, are they getting the exposure they deserve? Why not have your current partners help you recruit new partners and engage inactive partners simply by updating their status or “sharing” content? Once you create these great programs, one of your biggest challenges is keeping your program and products top-of-mind with partners. In this full-day workshop or virtual workshop we’ll show you how to:

  • - Socialize the benefits of your program to equally engage and reward your partners
  • - Make your communications plan social (an email newsletter doesn’t do it anymore)
  • - Keep your products and services top-of-mind with partners
  • - Make your programs work for you
  • - Promote your partners as your best advertisements
  • - Use blogs and social platforms to provide better exposure to programs
  • - Build your own channel programs during breakout sessions


Drive More Demand Through Your Channel

We all know that providing partners with the tools and resources they need to carry out marketing campaigns is no longer enough. Email, direct mail, print advertising…who buys that way anymore? Learn how to better support your partners’ marketing efforts through social media and online engagement in this interactive workshop. Through a series of presentations, breakout sessions, and group collaboration you will learn to help partners:

  • - Build end-to-end marketing campaigns that are more successful through multiple “touches”
  • - Use online engagement such as search engine optimization for an entire site or specific landing page
  • - Brand themselves online so “word of mouth” actually leads to, well, leads
  • - Leverage social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Spiceworks, YouTube, and Facebook to drive demand (not just “likes” from family members)


Note, this workshop is available both field marketing/CAM facing or Partner facing. For more information, please contact Heather K. Margolis at Heather (at), or at (617) 286-2817.