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5 Simple Tips for Growing Your Twitterverse

by channelmaven on October 30, 2014

You read our 10 Great Places To Find Twitter Followers and @Mentions and #Hashtags and Tweets Oh My! Let’s move on to increasing engagement.

Engagement refers to people interacting with your Twitter feed. This includes retweets, favorites, and following along with @Mentions and direct messages. The big deal about increasing engagement is that your reach increases. Reach determines influence and influence establishes leadership.


1.     Increase engagement:

    • Post frequently – you can’t over post on Twitter. Guy Kawasaki recommends posting 50x/day and reposting the same content every 8 hours for the first day. This is a hard cadence to maintain (trust me, I tried it for a month!) The point is: the more content you push out, the more followers you get faster and followers = exposure
    • Post interesting content
    • Use #hashtags frequently but only when they’re relevant
    • Use @mentions to amplify your reach

2.     Pushing your content:

How your tweets are worded is the most important consideration: Tweets are 140 characters, including the associated link. Tweets MUST be written like a headline. The same techniques that apply in journalism and blog titles plus understanding the psychology of why we click on Tweets is critical when you are posting your own content.

Your content will increase SEO and bring inbound traffic to your website so when posting content that belongs to you the goal is: Get as many retweets as you can to spread it wide (get more clicks) to accomplish this, you have to entice followers to stop what they are doing (surfing twitter) and click the link you provided instead of clicking the millions of other links in their feed that’s whizzing past at lightning speed.

3.     Pushing someone else’s content:

The goal is to provide good content and get followers the Tweet language needs to be clear and interesting but is not nearly as important as when you are promoting your own content. This is true because yes, you want to be seen as someone who posts good, relevant content but the end result of SEO and inbound marketing is benefiting another person/company so the end goal is not as critical to your business.

4.     Not every Tweet has to have a link:

In order to keep up a steady cadence with Twitter, tweets don’t have to always contain a link. They can be pictures, quotes, cartoons, infographics, or commentary from you. These types of tweets keep you engaging with your followers, take less time to find and help keep your twitter stream at the front of the “fire hose” of tweets.

5.     Consistency is key:

Twitter has algorithms – I don’t know the specifics but I do know, from experience, that the more consistent you are with posting, the more they put you in front of others as a “suggested connection” for people to follow.

Schedulers like Buffer help can help with consistency. It’s better to post 5 per day than 25 per week over random days. Both ways net 25 posts per week but only one is consistent. With a social scheduler, you can more easily “set it and forget it” by spending one block of time scheduling tweets for a whole week.

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KC vs SF – Who Wins the Social Media World Series? [Infographic]

by channelmaven on October 21, 2014

It’s party time as baseball wraps up another season and we hunker down to watch the World Series. Bring it! Unfortunately, we can’t root-root-root for our home team this year and odds are you’re in the same boat. So, when your hometown team is on the bench, how do you pick an alternate?

If you’re obsessed with Social Media Marketing (like we are) you might be tempted to choose the team with the best social plan. But first we had to figure out which team wins when social media dominance is the new home run.

Channel Maven Social Intelligence is a platform that measures the social and SEO health of businesses against that of their competitors. Think of it as your statistician and third base coach rolled into one. It’s where hard numbers start informing marketing efforts and it’s how you know when you’re knocking it out of the park or why you might be fouling out.

If the Giants and the Royals were battling on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, instead of the ball field they wouldn’t study ERAs and RBIs. Instead, they’d look at how far their opponent’s social reach extends, which platforms they dominate and other stats.

So, in the spirit of baseball, grab some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, pull up a chair and let’s see how the Royals and Giants fare in our first ever “Channel Maven Social Media World Series.”

world series

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Twitter Newbie? – @Mentions and #Hashtags and Tweets – Oh My!

by channelmaven on October 16, 2014

If you read 10 Great Places To Find Followers and you’ve been carving out a corner of the Twitterverse, you’re probably ready to add some common practices to get noticed, drive traffic to your website and connect with others via this fast moving social media platform.

There are two main strategies for increasing engagement on Twitter and gaining followers:

#Hashtag Strategy – the # (formerly known as the “pound sign”) is primarily used in two ways:

      1. Search for relevant content: for example if you are interested in Social Media Marketing, search #SMM, #SocialMedia, #Social, #Twitter, #ContentMarketing etc – By doing so you will come across interesting content to share with your followers. Same goes for industry related searches: #ChannelMarketing #PartnerMarketing #B2B, #MSP etc.
      2. Put your content in searches: When you post content, #hashtag it appropriately and/or choose content based on a #hashtag you want to be seen as a contributor to. For example #leadership, #PartnerMarketing, #VAR, #MSP, #cloud, #cybersecurity. People doing #1 above will find you and follow you.

blog 1Research shows: using #hashtags = more followers regardless of how often you post.

Retweets are important:

blog 2Retweets are an expression of respect and appreciation. If someone likes your content, they will retweet. This helps:

      • Increase your followers
      • Brand exposure (personal and company brand)
      • Position you as a leader
      • Spread your message/content

Retweet their content too – when you retweet, you are interacting with that twitter account and letting them know you like what they posted. If you retweet, they will notice and often follow you back.

Tip: People pay attention to what you’ve retweeted and are likely to read it based on your endorsement so make sure you’re retweeting relevant interesting content.

@mentions strategy – that’s an @ + a Twitter handle @ChannelMaven for example

blog 2


@mentions show up in the notifications section of a Twitter account. The person monitoring the account can see who is “talking” to them via Twitter. It can be used in a few ways, mainly:

      1. Conversation starters: “@channelMaven, here’s an article that made me think of you [insert link]” or “@Fill-In-The-Blank;  thanks for the great keynote speech I love what you said about #cybersecurity”
      2. Acknowledgement: “check out this amazing article from @forbes ” or “watch how @XYZ partnered with @ABC to amplify their award winning #datacenter” or “according to @gartner (insert relevant statistic)”

By using @mentions in those ways, you’ll increase your chance of being retweeted by the twitter accounts you’re mentioning because they want to amplify their exposure and can easily do so by retweeting your mention. OR when used as a conversation starter you can form relationships, partnerships and friendships with like-minded companies and people via Twitter.

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Never Fall Down The Content Rabbit Hole Again

by channelmaven on September 25, 2014

Imagine you’re on the web minding your own business innocently researching a topic — when another equally interesting topic hijacks your attention. You know you shouldn’t click that link because you have deadlines to meet. But, just like “Alice in Wonderland,” curiosity gets the better of you. Suddenly, you fall feet first into the content rabbit hole. It’s filled with fantastic videos, tantalizing ideas for future blogs and wondrous new social programs that you’d love to delve into. Sound familiar?

Internet induced “Alice in Wonderland” experiences like this happen to the best of us. 

Luckily, there are several free, cloud-based apps that can help. Our favorites are Pocket and PearlTrees. These simple to use apps allow you to save and retrieve bookmarked articles/blogs from any device – leaving your rabbit holes for later consumption. Plus, it will give you something to look forward to the next time you’re bored in line.

Alice in Wonderland

At Channel Maven Consulting, our mission is to help vendors and partners drive more business through the channel. We do so in a bunch of different ways, but one of the most important things we do daily is stay informed of channel and general marketing best practices. How do we accomplish that? One way is by sifting through heaps of content looking for the best share-worthy articles from a wide variety of sources. Imagine the sheer volume of rabbit holes we encounter daily (Yes, we’re never bored in line!) 

Want to see Pocket in action?

Here’s a sneak peek at the content gold in our Pocket. You can also check out our Twitter for more posts on channel marketing best practices. Enjoy!

Conversion Traffic

This article is chock-full of so many easily executable ideas for increasing conversion. It’s going to be in our Pocket for however long it takes to go back, break off small pieces, and digest the wisdom in snack-size bites! Plus, make sure to check out the squeeze page. It might become your new BFF.

Ikea #BookBook

Ikea, you’re funny! This came by way of a channel vendor who wanted to share a chuckle. We posted it on social #BookBook, and it landed in our Pocket for safe keeping as a subtle reminder of how and why good tongue-in-cheek humor works.

Tools save our sanity. This is a great article about harnessing the power of social tools to make feeding the content machine easier! It’s a recipe for how to intertwine tools to make them work together more efficiently. There were too many good tidbits to digest in one sitting, so in the Pocket it went… and the socks are a nice touch.

Click image to read article

This is an interesting and informative compilation of noteworthy resources to consider when building your business. From forums, applications, Q&A sites to you name it, the strategies are listed here. Scan it for the ideas that work for you. We promise you’ll find something worth reading.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.35.33 PM

Yes, blood donation. We realize it might seem odd that these articles found their way into our Pocket, but there’s rhyme to our reason. Trust us.

The first article lays out the latest marketing trends: the buyer’s journey and persona based marketing all-in-one package. Learning how the American Red Cross brought their marketing into the new millennium by understanding the donor (buyer) perspective is the equivalent of marketing-candy!

The second article, a link from the first, is a deeper dive into the mechanics behind the donor experience (buyer journey) from the logistical and tactile perspective of the design company. It’s equally interesting from the design point of view and informs us of the steps they took to execute the Red Cross’ vision. This whole concept is blog worthy, and that’s why we saved it.

Thanks for sharing our Pocket. We hope you found some useful take-a-ways!

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