Channel Marketing "To" Partners

Your Partners are completely bombarded by information. All-day, every day. Let us work as an extension of your team to help you rise above the noise. You need to put the right message, content, and resources in front of your Partners, to maximize relationships - we can help you do it right.

How can we Help You?

Thought Leadership 

People do business with people they like, not with logos. It’s key to your Channel success that your Partners want to do business with your executives. Building a thought leadership platform for your executives is core to better engagement with your Partners.


Break through the noise to ensure you are staying top-of-mind with your Partners. By combining traditional and digital strategies, we'll become an extension of your team, to develop and execute clear messaging that not only promotes your value proposition to your Partners but seamlessly reinforces your initiatives.


Grow your audience and develop stronger relationships with custom live or virtual sessions. From social selling, to the mobile movement, customer experience design, and Channel-specific topics, educate and enable your team with improved demand and lead generation strategies that drive success.


Partner Recruitment

A strong channel program starts with strategic recruitment. You must identify Partners who will grow your sales and spread your message. Working together we'll develop the ideal partner profile based on your goals and market requirements. Then educated with a "what's in it for them" Inbound Partner Recruitment strategy, we will leverage our industry expertise and best practices to guide your Channel team toward successful prospecting and recruiting.

Event Logistics, Communications and Support

Between raising awareness, building momentum, soliciting sponsorship, and driving registration -- from inception to completion -- event success is in the (exhausting and abundant) details. Whether you need logistic support, pre, during and post-communications or on-site services, we've got your back. From coordinators to consultants we help organize your event as well as deliver expert Demand Generation Rally StationsTM as part of your "value add" to attendees.


Account Based Marketing, Retargeting & Online Optimization

Account Based Marketing (ABM) and Ad Retargeting focus on highly targeted, very specific prospects that are the best possible fit for your product or service. Through research and tailored strategies, each prospect is treated as an audience of one while using marketing automation and other tools across a custom multi-channel strategy. Yes, it gets complicated quickly but don’t worry. Together we’ll assess and refine your buyer personas and help you develop and execute ABM and retargeting strategies that utilize your unique thought leadership and communications to reach your ideal audience.

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Customer Testimonial

Channel Maven was brought in to help us re-design and manage our Partner Newsletter. They listened to our business needs, partner strategy, and company culture and designed a newsletter which has gotten us many compliments from our internal and external channel community. The newsletter reflected exactly what we needed and communicated information quickly in a very clean design. In addition, Channel Maven was able to significantly reduce our complex production schedule into a timeframe which allowed us to publish to our partners in a timely manner. The staff at Channel Maven are very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. Who knew channel marketing could be this much fun.

Umesh Shah, Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing

Master the Art of To-Channel Marketing

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  • Improving open rates on Partner-facing emails
  • Better understanding your Partners' journey
  • Defining your audience and playing to their strengths
  • Creating a communication strategy your Partners want
  • Aligning your goals with your Partners' goals
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