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Does your target audience know you exist? Your Partners work with anywhere from 5 to 25 different IT Vendors. To help them truly drive demand for your solutions, it’s key to provide them with the resources they need to grow their business.

Before you can generate leads, you need to drive demand. With a focused marketing strategy, we will help your Partners guide your targets down the right buyer's journey to raise awareness and interest around your brand that creates a need for your solutions in the minds of your prospects. Let us expedite your "top-of-the-funnel" approach by proactively putting you in front of your audience while illustrating the value in choosing your organization. 

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Digital and Content Marketing 

  • Downloadable Content
  • Partner Personalized Content
  • Blogging & Long Form Posts
  • Demand Generation Emails

Digital marketing is a key contributor to your organization's brand awareness. From interesting content, to trust-building endorsements, to interactive media, and more. We not only design, develop and integrate assets, but cross-promote them to effectively deliver your value proposition and create a digital path between your brand and your target audience."

Inbound Marketing

  • Online Optimization (brand, web, social)
  • Social Media Marketing & Social Selling
  • ABM & Retargeting Strategies

In the digital, mobile-first, helping economy we live in, outbound marketing is well... OUT! You've got to master the knowledge of your target; their pains and challenges. Then you need to exist where they look for information and offer insight and value -- not a sales pitch! With our inbound marketing strategy and execution we help establish your online presence and enable your effective communications when, where, and how your buyer's want, offering relevant content that answers their questions, and leads them down their journey to you.

Managed Marketing Services

  • Partner Marketing Concierge
  • Campaign Execution and Support

Your Partners are stretched thin. While marketing strategy and content creation are a crucial component to your mutual success, they often just don’t have the time or resources. When Partners are spending most of their time “keeping the lights on,” marketing strategy often goes by the wayside. Our Channel marketing experts act as an extension of your Partner’s team, offering the marketing strategy and support they need to see results.

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Customer Testimonial

We engaged with Channel Maven to enhance and drive our social media outreach to partners. The team quickly got up-to-speed on our project goals and was providing great content almost immediately! The team at Channel Maven was super supportive, organized and always provided deliverables as promised. The expertise and knowledge in social media marketing and the channel made working with the team at Channel Maven extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

Joe Gabriel, Sr. Director, Global Partner Marketing



Empower Channel Partners to Execute Effective Marketing Initiatives.

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  • Strategic website elements for demand generation
  • Attracting the prospects you've never met
  • Online engagement tactics that attract buyers
  • Target mapping the right prospects
  • Focused campaigns to levergage relevant content
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