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Enable Your Channel Partners for Social Media Marketing Success

by channelmaven on September 13, 2012

More and more vendors are realizing the value of social media to enable their channel partners’ sales success. Whether from a social media marketing webinar or workshop channel professionals are spending time and energy to help their partners understand how to use social media and where to get great content to share. These resources are a great jumping off point to get your partners using social media to push your products and services, but what happens after the training? Do partners really have the time to find that great content?

Social media automation platforms are an excellent way for your partners to manage the task of staying on top of their social media. With all of the platforms out there, it can be difficult to choose one. We reached out to four platforms: GaggleAMP, Socialize Your Stuff, StructuredWeb, and socialondemand, to help you decide which best fit your needs. Here’s what they had to say:

What’s your value proposition?

  • GaggleAMP empowers organizations to leverage their stakeholders (employees, partners, resellers and customers) to easily share social media messages that are curated by the organization.
  • Socialize Your Stuff uses content and social newsletters to help channel partners generate loyalty and engagement from their customers. Socialize Your Stuff has a unique application that helps channel partners gain access to great content from their vendors, find other third party content from Google, Bing searches, Blog and RSS feeds, YouTube channels, or easily create, format, and schedule out content of their own.
  • StructuredWeb manages social marketing posts and performance tracking for multiple partners at the same time, provides custom branded landing pages for each partners’ post, on the social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and soon Google+.
  • socialondemand helps vendors drive channel revenue sales by enabling them to syndicate social media content via their channel partners and other sales intermediaries leveraging the social network presence of their channel partners and the trust that already exists between these partners and the partners’ followers.

Who is your primary client? Who is your secondary client?

  • GaggleAMP’s primary client is the marketing organization within a company. Our secondary client is the agencies that run social media for the companies.
  • Socialize Your Stuff’s primary client are channel partners, we help them to find and tag the right content most efficiently. Our secondary client is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs), we help them provide great content, keeping to their core message that their channel partners will want to send to end-customers.
  • StructuredWeb’s primary clients are vendors and their channel partners worldwide.
  • socialondemand’s primary clients are global IT vendors whom are very channel-centric. We also target IT distributors who can offer this content syndication platform/ service as a great value-add offering to their suppliers (vendors) and customers (partners).

How do you differentiate yourself from other platforms?

  • GaggleAMP combines amplification with rich analytics while making it easy to use for both the company and its stakeholders to use and share messages.
  • Socialize Your Stuff has tightly integrated the email newsletter (social newsletter) aspect of the program. We have an integrated approach to social and email marketing.
  • StructuredWeb enables management and tracking of social marketing campaign for many channel partners’ simultaneously.
  • socialondemand is specifically designed for social media syndication — it is not a marketing automation tool re-engineered for social media. socialondemand is extremely simple to use for both vendors and partners in the United States and globally.

How do you differentiate yourself with B2B clients vs. B2C?

  • GaggleAMP focus’ on what type of stakeholders a company has. Universally, employee Gaggles work for B2B and B2C. B2B will more likely have defined reseller channels that will benefit from centralized social media distribution.
  • Socialize Your Stuff’s B2B clients are focused on loyalty and engagement — where the engagement stems from great content. For B2C clients we want to increase awareness of the brand and the solution. For a B2C company, we provide a promotion engine that offers consumers an incentive to share and talk about a brand in a positive manner.
  • StructredWeb focuses exclusively on B2B clients.
  • socialondemand does not differentiate B2B from B2C. As long as vendors have ‘channel partners, whether B2B or B2C channels, they can use socialondemand.

We hope you have found this brief overview helpful. All of the platforms were responsive to our inquiry and we encourage you to reach out to the four platforms with additional questions.

Thanks to GaggleAMP, Socialize Your Stuff,  StructuredWeb, and socialondemand for taking the time to chat with Channel Maven!

What other platforms have you seen or been using?


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