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Maintain Momentum to Drive More Through the Channel

by Heather K. Margolis on August 24, 2012

Having just returned from XChange Americas I’m still high on adrenaline. It always amazes me how much XChange not only brings together manufacturers with their solution providers but also reinvigorates everyone’s drive to do more. Do more with their manufacturers, do more with their solution providers, do more to drive demand, reach the cloud, grow their business.

One of the questions I was asked by multiple manufacturers was how they could do more to engage their partners through traditional and social communication and how they could help their partners engage the end customers. Just in time for our next Social Media Workshop!

September 18th and 19th I’ll be running a 2-day workshop with UBM Channel’s IPED team to help manufacturers learn to inject social media into their programs, communication “to” partners and communication “through” partners. This isn’t your average Social Media conference where you talk about functionality and use case.  Here we’ll discuss elements of a channel organization and then inject social media into the right places.

Interest? Check out the overview for Inject Social Media into the Channel

Want more information?  Reach out to me directly


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